5 Cheap Foods in Japan for Backpackers

Hunting cheap foods in Japan must be conducted for backpackers. Furthermore, if it regards that foods in Japan are relatively expensive, it makes you confused about selecting the right food. To eat once, in Japan you need to prepare 20 dollars for a fair food grade. It is very expensive, especially for backpackers having a limited budget. Before going to Japan, you have to recognize the list of cheap foods in Japan. It is helpful to find the cheapest one.


Donburi is one of the solutions when you are hungry during a vacation in Japan. Donburi is a Japanese mixed rice food served in a big bowl. The content of this menu is varied and the price is relatively cheap so that it is suitable for backpackers. You will feel full longer because the portion is much. This rice bowl is commonly contained rice and various toppings such as slices of beef and nori. There are some variants offered like Katsudon, Oyakudon, Gyudon, and many more. It is possibly sold at restaurants or street food stalls.


The next cheap food in Japan is Onigiri. It is cheap food making you saturated. If you are not hunting yet cheap foods in Japan, you can eat Onigiri to handle your hunger. It is a triangle rice ball often found in any supermarkets. In Japan, this food is relatively practical, delicious, cheap, and makes you full. Surely, it is appropriate for backpackers with a limited budget.


Udon is one of the cheap foods in Japan. It is a kind of noodle with big sizes. This food is different from ramen because Udon noodle has a bigger size and springy. The sauce is also different because it uses clear broth. Moreover, the topping is different. Udon uses wakame or wet nori and tempura. A bowl of Udon is sold at ¥400.

Niku Meshi

The next cheap food in Japan is Niku Meshi. It is rice with delicious meat. To eat cheap food, you can buy this food. It can be bought in a small food court but it has a long queue. The food in that court is surely cheaper than a restaurant. The taste is surely tasty because many people are queueing. If you are at Akihabara, don’t forget to visit the Okamuraya food stall of Okamuraya providing a menu of Niku Meshi. In a portion, it contains slices of boiled beef in seasoning broth, tofu, boiled egg, warm rice, and daikon.


Ramen becomes the must culinary menu when you visit Japan. It is not complete without tasting Ramen. This typical Japanese noodle is very tasty and delicious with a super salty sauce. Don’t imagine the current Ramen taste because the taste is more delicious than in your country. In every city, it usually has a different taste. For example, in Osaka and Tokyo, in both cities, Ramen has its taste. The price is not too expensive so that it is suitable for backpackers. Those are some menus of cheap foods in Japan to taste.

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