Affordable Restaurants in South Korea

Along with the increasing popularity of K-Pop and K-Drama, tourism in South Korea has also been increasing. A lot of travelers are interested to travel to this country. South Korea offers a lot of tourist spots, from the modern ones until the cultural ones. However, the living cost in this country is quite pricey. But it does not mean that you cannot find affordable meals there. Visit these restaurants to enjoy affordable and tasty Korean foods.

Seoho Gimbap

Gimbap is one of the most popular Korean foods. Gimbap is rice wrapped with dried seaweed and filled with various ingredients, such as cucumbers, carrots, eggs, and many more. This food is usually brought in a lunch box for hiking, picnic, and so on. When you travel to South Korea, you can try this Korean food at an affordable price in Seoho Gimbap. Here, you can enjoy delicious gimbap for only around $4 per portion.


Pomato is a South Korean fast-food restaurant. This restaurant is usually found in subway stations in Seoul. There are quite a lot of meal menus served in this fast-food restaurant so that you can choose the one that you want. Moreover, Pomato is open for 24 hours every day. So, you do not have to be worried if you are getting hungry in the middle of the night. Foods sold by Pomato are quite affordable. They cost from $3 to $6.

Cochon Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu is actually Japanese food but it is also very popular in South Korea. Tonkatsu is a deep-fried pork cutlet served with rice and vegetable salad. In South Korea, this meal is a favorite of many college students because it is affordable. For you who are interested to taste Tonkatsu, you can go to Cochon Tonkatsu in South Korea. Here, you can have tasty Tonkatsu for around $3. If you visit this restaurant during lunch time, do not be surprised that you will find a long line full of college students.

Mapo Mandu

The next affordable restaurant in South Korea is Mapo Mandu. If you are a dim sum lover, you must be already familiar with this menu. Mandu is a dumpling filled with marinated beef or other meat. This food is actually from China. But you can easily find it in South Korea. One of the famous mandu restaurants in South Korea is Mapo Mandu. In this galbi mandu restaurant, you can have the dish for around $3. For dim sum lovers, do not miss visiting this restaurant.

Hansot Dosirak

Hansot Dosirak is one of the restaurants in South Korea which sells affordable dishes. Various Korean foods are sold in this restaurant, served in a black bento box. Even though the meals are affordable, they are really generous in giving meat. The food menus sold in Hansot Dosirak are varied and all of them are pretty cheap. The price range starts from $2 to $10 per portion.

If you want to travel on a budget to South Korea, you can visit those affordable restaurants above.

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