Cheap Travelling around the world

Do you need ideas where countries that you need to go to the next holiday but it still considers as Cheap Travelling? If you do, then you will need to look at these lists below of cheap destinations around the world to visit.


Laos. Laos can be a country that considers as best budget destination ever as you can spend cost at $30 per day. However the accommodation slightly expensive rather than with other places in South East Asia.

Cambodia. Sure you want to visit Cambodia with beautiful landscapes, temples, and also adventures include diving.

Northern Thailand. North part of Thailand is a tight budget destination. The popular spot such as Chiang Mai and Pai offer dorms that cost less than $5. You can visit the temple, hiking, and also gather costs for other people for rental cars.

Indonesia. Indonesia can be cheap, but also quite expensive depending on the accommodation you choose. The transportation also can be a big problem especially when you travel from an island to another island.


Romania. If you are looking for European traveling that is affordable and gives a little bit beaten path, then Romania is the answer for you. While it’s known as Country of Dracula, there are many towns that attractive to look and free activities for tourists to do. The hostel runs around $10-15 per night, and if your hostel has a kitchen, you can cook your food. The public transportation is also cheap and reliable.

Ukraine. If you are looking for an interesting experience in Europe, Ukraine is perfect. Although the language barrier and lack of reliable transportation can be a problem, it is worthy of cost less than $27 per day.

Greece. Timing is important when you visit Greece in the budget. Summer costs more and visits Greece a few weeks before and after summer will give you lower crowded and budget.


Mexico. Mexico offers endless experience and adventure. The country is rich with nature, culture and also the best food well-known around the world. Although the country does not have the best reputation as the safest country to go, there are still many places waiting to explore.

Arizona and Utah. While the United States is not a super budget spot, but you can do a trip in some areas. Here are tips for you, get a camper van if you rent a car, cook your meals, and visit free Public Park.


South Africa. If you are traveling with USD or Euro, then the exchange rate can give you a big thing. 1 Rand South African is equal with 7 cents of the US. The hostel or guesthouse in South Africa is called with a backpacker and usually designed with a beautiful and unique setting, not to mention for affordable too. Food can be a great cost when you travel to South Africa, but you can save when cooks itself.

Namibia. Namibia can be looked at as not as a budget destination, as most of the accommodation caters to lux category and transportation can be limited. But you can do little things to save money when you there. Go to the campsite and you can save for $8-$10 per night instead of in a luxury lodge that costs $40 per night.

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