Get Cheap Travelling While in European

Can we afford for cheap traveling while visiting European for our holiday? The answer is yes. European is a beautiful continent and you can still afford a cheap budget while in Europe when traveling to these countries and follow the tips below.

The cheap country in Europe to travel

  • Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a country that surprisingly comes with the title of the cheapest and also the best value overall. You can enjoy living in old centuries buildings and enjoy the free walking tours there. Bulgarian people are friendly and you can explore the fascinating landscape of ornate churches, old towns, delicious culinary, and also some festivals need to enjoy in summer and pristine nature.
  • Greece. Greece is a country where dazzling you with the pebbled beaches, the beautiful sunset, and also the cluster of building a cascade to the Mediterranean Sea. This country is fantastic and truly a realistic cheap country in European. When off-season you can expect to spend less from $50 a day as more accommodation and flights are discounted.
  • Georgia. Georgia is one country that underrated to visit the continent and considered one of the best affordable countries to visit in Europe. Georgia has easy entry visits, and you can explore the modern into the ancient cities that often overlooked.
  • Italy. It is surprising to know that Italy is on the list, right? Italy maybe seems like not one of the cheapest countries in Europe but to make your mind peacefully, you can spend at $50 per day or less in Italy. This thing only comes when you visit this country in the shoulder season and choose the cheap apartment.
  • Poland. Poland will be our next list of cheap traveling destination that you should list when you are looking for a cheap travel destination. If you look at Airbnb, you will know that the country has the best apartment value in any part of the world.
  • Spain. Spain remains one of the cheapest countries to visit in European. This country also offers a popular spot for tourists with its geographical diversity with breathtaking Mediterranean beaches and snow capped peaks. Go to the outside of the popular cities in Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona and you can enjoy the village, cities that give you other experience with these towns.

Best tips for travel in Europe for a cheap cost

Here are some travel tips to make you enjoy your travel in Europe and stay in your budget.

  • Check the visa requirement. Some of the European countries do not need a visa for a short visit and some others need it. Check it before you go.
  • Go to Europe in the offseason. Travel in an offseason not only avoids you from crowded but also cave your money for accommodation, flight, and the ticket for train and bus.
  • Choose cheap airlines. You can find cheap airlines if you book early.
  • Cook your food by yourself. If you rent a hostel with a kitchen, cook your meals and go to the local market to get vegetables and so on to cook the meals.
  • Traveling using the train in Europe is it possible is often efficient and easier than going with the airplane.

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