How to plan Cheap traveling to Indonesia Guide?

Here is a useful guide to making your Cheap  traveling in Indonesia vacation rule well. Indonesia is one of the world’s largest island countries. This archipelago country is rich with diverse culture, colorful history, and also vibrant and gorgeous views that rivaled as fancy vs cheap travel destination.

How to get traveling in Indonesia in budget

You need to make your itinerary before you fly to Indonesia. Many main cities overrun for tourists. For example, Bali is placed that you may want to just spend one or two days and then move to others. Here are some tips that are useful when you plan to go to Indonesia for a budget.

Find an activity that will not break your wallet

Thankfully because there are many activities that you can enjoy while you in Indonesia without spending much money. With over 17.000 islands, you can find a spot for exploring nature view, historical places, and more. You can visit the temple that free to visit such as the Pura Taman Saraswati temple in Ubud, Bali.

Find the must-see destinations that will not cost you much

Before you go to Indonesia, find information on which island, which cities offer to attract and interesting tourist destinations but also offer ease of transportation and accommodations. If possible, ensure you can move from one city to another city by bus or train. For example, you want to explore Java, and then you might want to stay in Yogyakarta for 3 days, and then cross to Malang to explore nature view of Kawah Ijen or go to Mount Bromo. It is safer than you go to cross-island to Bali or Lombok.

Find affordable accommodations

Typically, Indonesia travel peak season is in December-January and August-September. This means that the accommodation costs tend to increase in these months. You can find a hostel at a lower price in low season travel peak on February-March, and October-November. Most of the hotel has half guests in these periods and so you can negotiate the cost for your room. A bed in a dorm usually typically goes around $8-415 per night.

Find low-cost meals

Street food is the best place where you can eat in a low budget but still able to taste delicious cuisine. Avoid the tourists hang out spots to prevent expensive foods. If you stay in a hostel or dorm where it has a kitchen, you can buy fresh vegetables in the market and cook your meals. You may want to visit local street food called warung that provides traditional foods at a low price.

Final word

Indonesia is one of the countries that are considered a cheap travel destination. One you need to remember is always to haggle as the starting price rarely the price where you ended paying. If you feel that the price a little too high, then just simply move on. Most of the time the merchant will give a lower price for keeping from losing their customers. Get fun when bargaining and ensure the deal is good for both parties. With this, you can experience the cheap traveling in Indonesia.

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