Tips for Cheap Traveling to Dubai

It can be said that Dubai is a glamorous and fancy tourist destination. All travelers surely want to visit this country at least once in a lifetime. It is because Dubai offers many prestigious tourist attractions, fancy hotels and malls, and many other prestigious and memorable experiences. But many travelers think about it again to travel to this country because it needs a lot of money, they think. In fact, you can also spend your vacation in Dubai without having to deplete your wallet.

The Plane Ticket

The plane ticket has the biggest portion among other traveling costs to Dubai. But do not be worried because there is a strategy to overcome this problem. You can purchase a plane ticket to Dubai 4 months before your departure. This way, you can possibly find a plane ticket to Dubai at a quite realistic price. You can also use an airline that offers low-cost carrier, special offerings, and discounts. Do not be lazy to always look for discounts or special offers for the plane ticket.


The accommodation has the second biggest portion, next to the plane ticket if you want to travel to Dubai. If you want to get affordable accommodation in Dubai, visit this country during summer, which is from May to September. In these months, accommodations in the country usually offer quite affordable prices even though the temperature in Dubai is quite hot during summer. In addition, you can choose an apartment or hostel instead of hotels for you to stay during your vacation in Dubai.


Avoid using a taxi if you want to explore and get around Dubai. Because the taxi fee in this country is pricey. Instead, use Metro Dubai that is integrated with the city bus. Once you have arrived at the airport, buy an electronic card that can be used to take public transportations in Dubai. There are several types of electronic cards offered. But if you travel more than 3 days in Dubai, choose the silver type so that you can easily fill the balance in every Metro station. You can also use the card for interstate travel. For example, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Free Tourist Attractions

Even though it is known as a glamorous and expensive country, Dubai has some free tourist attractions that can be visited by travelers. One of them is The Dubai Fountain that is located right in front of the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. The Dubai Fountain itself is an attraction of a dancing fountain. This fountain attraction is held every night. Or, you can visit Jumeirah Beach. Here, you can swim on the beach or enjoy the stunning sunset view without having to pay an entrance ticket.

Foods and Beverages

It is not complete to travel to other countries without tasting traditional foods. In Dubai, you are suggested to have a meal in a local food stall or eatery instead of eating in shopping malls. Or, you can also enjoy food and beverages in a food court.

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